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There are many uses for surveillance ranging from infidelity checks to work cover claims. There are also many forms of surveillance and the quality of surveillance can range greatly from source to source. Legislative bodies, juries, judges, insurance organisations and other institutions that might be involved in disputes involving intelligence gathered through surveillance are are unwavering in their demands for high quality records obtained in a legal manner.

Qld Covert Investigations has a team of seasoned investigators who are constantly training with the latest techniques and using the most state of the art equipment available. As such when called on Qld Covert Investigations can present irrefutable high definition images and videos, and crystal clear audio recordings all taken through effective legal methods. Our investigators also pride themselves on working in a timely manner, getting to the bottom of case as quick as possible and finding you the answers you need.

We return the results of our investigations in comprehensive reports and logos with time and date stamped images and videos all of are acceptable evidence in any court of law. However, we often find that our investigation means avoiding the legal system all together, as nothing is more convincing than presenting an accused party with a crystal clear time and date stamped image of them caught in the act. Our Surveillance services are based in the Gold Coast but our investigative network stretches throughout Queensland and we have investigators in all the major towns and cities throughout the state. We also have agents across Australia if you believe your target is conducting their illicit or unwanted activities outside of Queensland.

Missing Persons Gold Coast, Background Checks Tweed Heads, Infidelity Investigations Southport

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Background Checks

Qld Covert Investigations has been conducting background checks for well over a decade now. We have regular customers that use us for exceptionally thorough and detailed service. We have a team of private investigators that specialise specifically in conducting background checks for corporate, private and business clients. They search all areas that the information might be contained and present it all, both good and bad to you in a comprehensive report on your chosen target.

We will investigate whatever the customer may ask us to pursue, be it a bankruptcy check or someone's social media profiles. We also conduct criminal history checks. It is important to note that some criminal history checks require a pre-signed consent form with 100 points of certified ID. Have a look at our main website for further information on those sorts of checks. If you are looking to hire someone, partner with them or even go to court against them, we can gather the information you need to make an informed and reasoned decision. Don't leave your life or business up to chance, gather all the information you can so that your future is assured.

Private Investigations Gold Coast, Missing Persons Tweed Heads, bug Sweeping Southport

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BUG Sweeping

The first thing to understand about bugs is that they are planted for two different reasons. The first is to conduct ongoing surveillance of a target sometimes over an indefinite time period. The second instance is when a bug is used to record a specific event, meeting, payroll run or any occurrence when sensitive information might be discussed or presented.

With this in mind there are two types of inspections that you would conduct. The first being a spontaneous checkup if you have suspicion there is a bug on your premises. The second is a more regular check that is scheduled to be done just before anything you consider to be particularly confidential or sensitive in your organisation or life. You can also schedule bug sweeping post event as well to be extra certain that no sensitive information was transmitted to unintended ears.

All of our investigators are equipped with state of the art equipment including, Microwave Spectrum Analysers, Broadband Search Receivers, Time Domain Reflectometers (TDR), Telephone Analyser Oscilloscopes, Thermal Imaging Cameras, Nonlinear Junction Detectors (NLJD), Digital Volt/Ohmeters, and various other specialised equipment. If you feel that any of the areas you work or live are compromised don't hesitate to give us a call for a preliminary discussion about what can be done.

Bug Sweeping Tweed Heads, Background Checks Gold Coast, Surveillance Southport

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Of all the investigations we conduct this is undoubtable the most demanding area. Mainly because we understand the heavy implications of our investigations in this area and how it can change lives, relationships, marriages and families forever. The results of our infidelity investigations are not always negative though, in fact in many instances we find relationships becoming stronger with incontrovertible evidence of commitment and an absence of any suspicious activities.

All of our investigations are conducted privately and remain strictly confidential between yourself and the investigator assigned to your case. The only way your suspected partner or cheating spouse will never know is if you choose to inform them. Investigating cheating husbands or wives is a cost effective and efficient way to gather evidence and help you make the right decision about your relationship moving forward. With our investigation's results you can be certain that whatever decision you make is founded in the full truth of the situation. You can have peace of mind knowing you are acting rationally and with conviction. Our investigative operations are conducted around the clock, so there are no instances that the suspect will be able to get away with any cheating.

If you are wondering whether you should hire an infidelity investigator click here to see if you recognise any of these top ten signs of infidelity in your spouse or significant other.

Missing Persons Southport, Private Investigations Gold Coast, Bug Sweeping Tweed Heads